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尚趣网隶属于上海朗亿网络科技有限公司,是专注时尚品牌与时尚用户互动体验行销的SNS时尚门户,她的创新门户与SNS模式的有机融合,深度触发时尚品牌与用户间的商业需求!尚趣网于2007年2月11日正式上线,经过5年的运营,在时尚行业已具备绝对的影响力。国内唯一吸引到众多时尚名流、影视明星真实创建个人地盘的时尚SNS互动门户; 独家实现品牌、明星、名流、潮人之间随时真实交互分享时尚潮流、交流时尚心得的SNS互动新模式,用手机就可以上传个人照片和发布个人生活动态; 品牌可以再这里轻松找到自己的时尚代言、意见领袖和品牌粉丝---建立品牌圈、发布资讯、派发体验品和折扣券、招募活动参与者,发起线上特卖抢购; 明星名流可以用手机这一最便捷的方式与追随者、粉丝透过留言、记录、晒宝贝、秀搭配分享精彩作品和时尚扮靓心得,引领潮流的同时赢得真实人气和时尚品牌代言; 城中潮人用手机就可以上传个人照片和发布个人生活动态,与明星名流交朋友、晒宝贝,秀搭配,互动分享中成为时尚达人,还能随时获赠各自时尚名品、参加时尚派对、成为时尚品牌代言; 目前已有2000多个时尚品牌及时尚靓店入驻尚趣网品牌圈,近千位时尚圈资深及知名品牌经理、公关经理、摄影师、造型师、传媒人、模特、艺人等入驻尚趣网时尚圈,近500万时尚潮人入驻尚趣网潮人地盘!

Through a new SNS, vSuch plays a key role in forging connection between fashion brand and consumer audiences, and meets the needs of various participants in the fashion industry.vSuch was officially created on February 11, 2007. After five years, it has already made a lasting impression on the fashion industry. vSuch is the only fashion SNS on which various celebrities have created their personal areas. vSuch's SNS model is the only one that has enabled brand name companies and celebrities to engage in real-time exchange of fashion trends and ideas. Additionally, it allows the uploading of pictures and personal information through the use of mobile phones. Through vSuch, brand name companies may easily find sponsors, icons, and fans; they may also establish brand name circles, broadcast information, distribute sample products and coupons, invite people to participate in promotional events, and organize online sales. Celebrities may conveniently use cell phones to communicate with fans, whether by posting online or taking pictures of their newest styles and trends, thereby attracting more users and company sponsors. On the other hand, the public may upload their own personal information and befriend celebrities, as well as have to opportunity to become an advocate for a brand name company. As of today, there are already over 2000 fashion companies and shops that have established their company areas through vSuch. Additionally, almost a thousand senior brand managers, PR managers, photographers, designers, models, celebrities, etc. and over 5,000,000 fans have created personal areas on vSuch.
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